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Division of material chemistry

Name Position Research Field
Hiroshi Hasegawa Professor Hydrosphere chemistry, environmental chemistry, remediation technology, toxic metals, rare metals
Tetsuya Taima Professor Organic photovoltaic cell, peroviskite solar cell, molecular orientaiton control
Akio Ohta Associate Professor Physical chemistry of interfaces, surfactant science, amino acid-type surfactants, surfactants, biomaterials, calorimetry
Takahiro Yamaguchi Associate Professor Electrochemistry, Modified electrode, Oxygen reduction reaction
Asami Mashio Assistant
Marine chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Analytical chemistry
Fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells

Division of mechanical science and engineering

Name Position Research Field
Takahiro kiwata Professor Fluid Engineering
Takaaki Kono Associate Professor Wind Turbine Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Engineering
Hiroshi Enomoto Associate Professor Combustion, Internal combustion engine, Biomass usage
Yoshikazu Teraoka Associate Professor thermal engineering, heat transfer
Akio Kodama Professor Adsorption, gas separation, desiccant cooling, air purification, low-temperature heat energy
Osamu Miki Professor Environmental Conservation, Marine Environment Improvement, Recycle
Takuya Tsujiguchi Associate Professor Fuel cell, Desiccant Cooling system, Heat and Mass Transport analysis
Yugo Osaka Assistant Professor Research from combustion gas to production technologies

Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Name Position Research Field
Tatsuo Ishijima Professor Plasma Application
Yasunori Tanaka Professor Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery、Plasma science
Takeo MARUYAMA Associate Professor Optoelectronics, Silicon Photonics, Optical Wireless Power Transmission, Semiconductor Devices
Yusuke NAKANO Assistant Professor Electrical Discharge, Electrical Insulation,Current Interruption, Power System

Division of environmental design

Name Position Research Field
Ryoko Ikemoto Professor Sewage systems, wastewater treatment, biological waste water treatment, water environment, microbes, sulfate reduction
Zhen-jiang Shen Professor Inventory and total amount control approach for urban environment management simulation, agent-based models
Masami Furuuchi Professor Assessment of atmospheric environment, aerosol, nano-particles, air pollution control technology, assessment of occupational exposures
Mitsuhiko Hata Associate Professor Aerosol, biomass combustion, source countermeasure technologies
Ryo Honda Associate Professor Environmental Process Engineering, Biomass Energy, Environmental Microbiology,Membrane Process, Global Warming Mitigation Technology
Masashi Ohashi Professor Materials physics and chemistry, Thermophysical property, Functional materials, Low temperature, Magnetism
Kenji Taniguchi Associate Professor Numerical weather prediction, River runoff simulatoin, Impact assessment of global warming
Tatsuya Nishino Associate Professor Architectural Planning, Living Environment for the Elderly, Restructuring of Public Facilities
Seiya hanamoto Associate Professor Environmental chemistry
Norihisa Matsuura Assistant Professor Water environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, eco-friendly technology, microbial community analysis
Hiroe Hara-Yamamura Assistant Professor Water environment engineering,Wastewater reclamation, Emerging contaminants
Tatsuya sekiguchi Assistant Professor Site evaluation of urban commercial facilities, Food deserts problem, People’s evaluation of living environments and their living motivation, Geographical information system
Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine Assistant Professor biomass conversion, surface chemistry

Division of natural system

Name Position Research Field
Takafumi Seto Professor Nano-particles, aerosols
Kenji Takahashi Professor Biomass Refinery, Artificial photosynthesis, chemical reaction processes using ionic liquids, supercritical fluids, plasma and microwave
Hirohisa Uchida Professor High pressure/Supercritical fluid technology, Advanced materials production, Crystallization, Thermodynamics
Mikio Kumita Professor Adsorption, Sorption cooling, Heat and mass transfer, Reaction engineering
Noboru Takiguchi Associate Professor Bioprocesses, bioinformatics
Yayoi Inomata Associate Professor Atmospheric Environment Sicence, Meteorology, Geochemistry