Master's Level Section

Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Mathematics and physics play an important role as foundation subjects for study and research in the field of natural science. Rapid progress has been made in both fields, and they have also developed in an interactive and interdisciplinary manner to areas bordering on the peripheral sciences. In particular, a research method involving simulation has been developed into an independent discipline, which has added a new aspect to conventional mathematics and physics, and has been a breakthrough for the clarification of complicated natural systems and understanding of difficult problems. Thus, new mathematics and physics are making steady progress as important scientific fields in the 21st century. In this division, comprehensive education and research are carried out from above perspective.

Our division offers three courses: Mathematics Course, Physics Course and Computational Science Course. This allows students to study subjects in a specialized course as well as subjects that cross over different courses.

Mathematics Course

Algebra, Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Stochastic Analysis

Physics Course

Low-temperature Physics, Quantum-matter Physics, Nano Physics, Basic Experimental Physics, Plasma Physics, Nonlinear Physics, Molecular Physics, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Terahertz Range Physics, Theoretical Physics, Elementary Particle Physics

Computational Science Course

Basic Computational Mathematics, Applied Computational Mathematics, Simulation Science, Multimedia Science,

Stationary plasma generated by polyphase systems

Students listening to a lecture