Advanced Research

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Dimensions of Siegel modular forms and special values of zeta functions.
Complex patterns in nonlinear phenomena.
Simulation of a tornado-type flow.
Interface Nano-Science.
Interface between insulator and magnetic metal.
Motion of single protein observed by high-speed atomic force microscope.
X-ray/gamma-ray detector for use on astronomy satellites.

Material Chemistry

Design and synthesis of molecular capsules that can open and close the openings
Elucidation of proton transfer route to enzyme active center
Vanadium molecular oxides
Liquid chromatography
Organic solar cell
Polymer synthesis

Mechanical Science and Engineering

Self-Driving Car
Wearable robot
Laser Processing of Metal
Unmanned Aerial vehicle
analysis of bone
Honeycomb filter for
desiccant air conditioning

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

High energy plasma applications
Diamond semiconductor devices
FM-AFM image in liquids
Energy harvesting
IoT applications
Big data analysis

Environmental Design

Water wave generation in Wave Tank
Plan and design support system
Earthquake resistant measures using base isolation system
Biological wastewater treatment

Natural System

EvoDevo on seed origin
Social organization and behavior in ants
Neurogenomics of forager honeybee
Hematopoietic and vascular development in the zebrafish
Frontier biochemistry and biotechnology!
Drawn polymer films
Production of polymer materials by twin screw extruder
Nanoparticles of drugs produced by supercritical crystallization
Unsteady-state adsorption apparatus
Nanoparticle Sensor
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